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Frostys Family Pizza & Bar - Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Pre-Season Islander Family Pizza Buffet Night

You know the season is starting when Frostys opens their doors for the annual island family pizza buffet night. This year it happened today, April 20th, at 5pm. The doors opened, and the hungry islanders poured in to get their first Frostys pizza fix of the season. All the bar stools were packed when this intrepid reporter arrived at 6pm, and most of the tables were full as well. June was holding court in the back near her delicious homemade desserts and the bartenders were busy pouring beers (no liquor yet!).

The first thing that assaulted my nostrils was the delicate aroma of hot pizza pie. That wonderful doughy and cheesy goodness filled the air and easily won out over the cold rainy outdoor mess left behind as the door closed. It would not be the last olfactory experience of the night as I had only just passed the doorway. First stop was the bar to choose one of Frostys multitude of bottled craft beers. Yes, they have the standard domestics, but they also have a great variety of "upscale" beers both in the bottle and on tap (check out the IPAs!).

What everyone really came for, though, was the pizza buffet! Hot cheesy pizza, salad, breadsticks, homemade June Stoiber desserts... and of course the cold beer! Prices were a reasonable rate once again with Adults $7, Kids $4.50. For that low, low price you could stuff yoru pie hole with as little or as much pizza as you wish. The pies came out randomly and were set up on the covered pool table with cute little signs. Veggie pizza. Pepperoni pizza. Cheese pizza. Sausage pizza. Meatza Pizza. More veggie pizza. One coudl try and have a slice of each but they were gobbled up so quickly it seemed that veggie pizza and cheese pizza were the only ones to stick around. So that meant a side trip to the salad station where your basic salad was set, multiple dressings and minimal toppings. The dressing was a blessing (no rhyme intended), because the bread sticks were kind of hard so a little dip was needed for them to slide down properly.

And then there was dessert. OMG! Thank you June Stoiber for learning your baking and dessert prowess somewhere good, because your treats never fail to please. Little butter cookies with one end dipped in chocolate and then rolled in pistachios. Moist little tray spice cakes delicately sprinkled with powdered sugar. Baskets of cookies that made every single chocolate chip jump up for joy! Peanut butter brownie bites that just made you stop and savor the flavor in your mouth before grudgingly having to swallow it down, but with the naughty knowledge that there was another bite waiting to come on in. I will not lie. I ate dessert first. AND last. The pizza buffet was a filler in between.

Our recommendation is to enjoy the pizza buffet at the start of the season if you can, because the pizza just gets cheesier and not so good as the season progresses (perhaps due to the change of who is cooking it as foreign staff arrives). Frostys Pizza is indeed an island tradition, just get it early in the season!

You can reach Frostys Family Pizza by calling 419.285.3278. You also can follow them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/frostybar or e-mail them at kim@frostys.com .


Rating: Six out of ten stars
Favorite Item: ALL of the desserts
Notes: if you like cheesy pizza, you got the right place

Posted By: Admin | Category: Restaurants | Added: 12:45, 20 April 2012


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