Put-in-Bay Food Reviews

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Mr. Ed's Bar & Grille - 2013

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Michaels Cuisine


Sweet Basil Pizza

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Mr. Ed's Bar & Grille - 2012

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The Goat Soup & Whiskey Menu

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Joe's Bar


Big Man's Burrito Stand Menu

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Put-in-Bay Pizza Company Menu

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About This Blog

This website is meant to showcase the Put-in-Bay, Ohio food scene. Monthly reviews of Putinbay restaurants occur during the season. When there is a festival involving food or wine in town, then that is covered as well. Put-in-Bay Bars get occasional notice for the quality of their drinks and entertainment. Each review is as unbiased as the palate of the reviewer (unless brussel sprouts are involved, that is a dealbreaker!).

The mystery reviewer is an island resident who has been boating and working on the island for over 15 years and can remember back to the days when there was a Taco Bell on the island and the downtown bars closed at 11pm. Times change, but everyone still needs to eat!

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